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  • Only quality food is fed at Homewood. We feed quality dry food. Canned food is offered as an alternative to fussy felines. You are welcome to bring your own diet for your cat if they are on a special diet.

  • The cattery is an individual cattery. Each cat has a large accommodation area so they do not have contact with other cats, this minimises stress and antisocial behaviour.

  • We have a large indoor play area and long term cats certainly make good use of the couches and play toys. 

  • We do mix cats if we find them to be compatible and this way they can spend the day in the play area. All cats go back to their individual accommodation at night,

  • The cattery is located away from the kennels.

  • Medications will be administered as long as the cat is amicable.

  • Overdue pick ups. We reserve the right to make suitable arrangements for any cat left in our care if contact is not made by the owner by 2 weeks after the agreed collection date.

  • We consider our facility and management practices to be of the highest standards. However we accept no responsibilities for illness, injury, death or loss for any reason what so ever.

  • We also reserve the right to seek Veterinary attention for any boarding pet should we deem necessary, all costs will be borne by the owner. Please advise us of any pre-existing conditions at check-in.

  • Terms and conditions of boarding can be found here. Making a booking signifies your agreement with our terms and conditions.

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