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Booking with Homewood signifies agreement with our terms and conditions.


DOGS: If you are unsure about what size class your dog falls into please contact us. Weighing your dog will provide a good guideline.

Pricing per day inc GST - please ask for quote if unsure.

Breeds and weights are listed to give you an idea where you dog might be. Homewood has the right to decide what size your dog is.

  • Toy dogs $26.00 including toy breeds, fox terriers, jack russells, shitzu etc (Most dogs under 10kg)

  • Medium dogs $30.00 including most spaniels, large terriers, most kelpies, heading dogs and border collies (Most dogs 10-20kg)

  • Large dogs $32 including most Labs, gun dogs, dalmations etc (Most dogs 20-40kg)

  • XXL dogs $36.00 including mastiffs and mastiff crosses, great danes, borzois etc

  • Premium boarding $38.00 in our homelike premium suites with couches etc - housetrained, house proud dogs of any size only please. Particularly suited to greyhounds.

  • Daycare $32.00 casual all sizes; $30 regular all sizes (minimum 2 x per week, 10 session prepay required)


  • Cat $18.00

DISCLAIMER: Prices are subject to change. If you are unsure, please check with us.

Charging procedure:

  • All charges run per calendar day, not 24 hours i.e. Friday is one day, Saturday is another day. This means we charge for every day your pet stays.

  • This includes the day you pick up and the day you drop off. These are each charged as full days. It does not matter what time you pick up or drop off. 

  • This is because we still have to clean your dog's kennel and run areas to keep all our customers, including your pet, safe and healthy. If you pick up in the morning we still have performed morning cares for your pet. If you drop off in the afternoon we still must perform bedtime care for your pet.

Other charges:

Please see the terms and conditions for extras we may charge you for. Some examples include:

  • Puppy or kitten requiring third or fourth feed

  • Medication 

  • Destroyed beds (if you haven't pre-warned us of your dog's destructive tendencies)

  • Dogs with behavioural issues and/or specialised handling needs

  • Out of hours pick up/drop off

Public Holidays

There is a minimum charge of 4 days boarding for bookings including public holidays, or weekends including a public holiday.

From 23 December - 8 January there is a minimum charge of 7 days boarding per pet. There is also a non-refundable deposit of $200 per dog or $100 per cat payable to secure your booking for this period.

Remember to bring us your UP TO DATE vaccination record before boarding. If your dog is not fully vaccinated we will have to turn you away.

We do have EFTPOS facilities but please note no credit.

Payment must be made upon collection of the pets.

Your mobile phone, home phone, best contact person while you are away if you are not contactable and email address will be required for bookings in case of emergency.

Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice. 


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