DOGS: If you are unsure about what size class your dog falls into please contact us.

Pricing per day inc GST - please ask for quote if unsure.

The following is the prices, breeds are listed to give an idea where you dog might be

  • small dogs $18.00 including toys, fox terriers, jack russells, shitzu etc 

  • medium dogs $20.00 (cockers, large terriers etc)

  • large dogs $22.00 (Labs, gun dogs, collies etc)

  • extra large dogs $23.00 (mastiffs, rottis, german shepherds etc)


Homewood has the right to decide what size your dog is. 


  • Cat $13.00 (x2 cats $24 per day)

DISCLAIMER: Prices are subject to change. If you are unsure, please check with us

Charging procedure:

  • We do charge for the day of arrival as we do have to hold a spot for your pet. This regardless of when your dog arrives (in the morning or the afternoon).

  • We do not charge the day your pet is picked up if it is before 10am (morning hours).

Christmas and New Year

When making your bookings, please be aware that you will be charged for the total time of days booked, even if you pick your pet up earlier than expected.






We do have EFTPOS facilities but please note no credit.

Payment must be made upon collection of the pets.

Your mobile phone, home phone, best contact person while you are away if you are not contactable and email address will be required for bookings in case of emergency.

Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.