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  • We only feed quality food at Homewood. Premium dry food and the best quality dog roll.  Cats have premium dry food on offer at all times (unless on a diet) and best quality tinned cat food when requested or required.

  • Raw food can be provided at an extra cost.

  • When a dog or cat is on a special diet or prescription food, it must be provided by the owner and sufficient amount for the length of the stay.

  • We have large outdoor grass exercise areas and your dog(s) are outside twice a day for up to two hours depending on the weather. The kennels are indoors and each dog is provided with a stretcher bed and bedding, we also have plastic dog beds for those dogs that tend to chew. Each individual dog is shielded from it's neighbour in the night kennels by solid partitions to minimise any bullying or intimidation, giving each dog it's own personal space.

  • We run dogs individually unless they are from the same family or the owners have stated they are happy for their dog to socialise. This is monitored closely and dogs are only put together if we are comfortable with their behaviour towards each other.


  • We take pride in the care your pet will get whilst staying at Homewood. We own these kennels because we love animals and find it a rewarding job. Click here to see our full set of terms and conditions. You must read these before booking. Bookings signifies your agreement with our terms and conditions.





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